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"Beauty renews the spirit, defies convention and resists mediocrity. Its rituals of self-love release the courage to live." Caron

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Hello all. Just a quick note. 

This is my personal blog. This is (part of) who I am, not what I do. 

Photography, beauty, media and education/training services can be found at

I am glad you are here, but I cannot determine your limits. Only you can. You have been welcomed and warned. 


Spend an evening with me. You bring the love, I’ll bring the movie! We are bringing Things Never Said to Baltimore for one night only.

Exclusive Screening hosted by yours truly - Get comfy, welcome the holiday season and take a moment to see, hear and feel something different. Lovers and lovers of love come together for an amazing film and an exciting evening with friends. Wednesday, Nov 27, 7pm



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This is very important information. Y’all gon’ learn today!!!

I am so sick of this debate.

Sheryl Underwood made some unfavorable comments concerning hair and texture and actually uncovered (or reopened old wounds) more relevant issues, specifically colorism and textureism/natural negativity among women of color. Underwood gave an interview to blogger Curly Nikki. The interview of the blogger was poorly executed, biased and offensive in an of itself.

First of all, I have no interest in hearing about ‘self-hate’ from someone full of self-righteousness and pseudo pride, knowing their ‘curl’ is more socially acceptable than mine. This natural vs anything-else debate is tired and continues to be perpetuated by unprofessional, non-professional, superiority-minded, degree pushing, elitist self-proclaimed saviors of the race. It has been and still is ridiculous. 

For the record, my hair is big. Even when it is small, it can put fear into the most good natured and well-intentioned. It is not ‘highly textured’ or ‘curly’ or any combination of 3 or 4 followed-by-a-letter on a fake ass chart (completely created to categorize blackness and otherness). MY HAIR IS FULL, KINKY AND SOMETIMES DIFFICULT… JUST LIKE ME - and it is still fabulous, no matter what form I choose to present it. I have been natural, relaxed, straight, curly, pulled tight, let loose, locked, twisted and otherwise. I have more options than most, but do not dare to tell me about my level of pride when you have no idea what it is like to be turned away from hairdressers, African braiders and experts alike or have 4 people work on your head at one time and it still take 12 hours to complete. Now, in all fairness, I am a master at my craft, but it requires someone special, skilled and fearless to manage my coif unless I do it myself. It is not my fault. I blame my father. Nonetheless, my full, fabulous and free self is still disturbed by this fruitless exchange.

Hair can be healthy or unhealthy in any state, relaxers do not cause fibroids (there is absolutely no conclusive evidence of this manufactured crisis), and alopecia comes in many forms. The truth is much of what is promoted in the ‘natural’ community is more harmful than any relaxer could be, so before you tell me about my esteem, check for toxins in your own. One of the (many) things that disturbed me about this interview (or more accurately, projective intervention) was Sheryl’s introspective and respectful apology was all but ignored and with it the very relevant issues of change of life (menopause), hormonal balance/imbalance, pattern balding/thinning and the right to make any follicular or esthetic choice she desires as a result. We have to stop penalizing people for their choices. Sheryl was criticized, and rightfully so, for her comments, but the commentary of the interviewer was just as poor in judgement. I have a bigger issue with the notion that she should have had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment - it was more like a ‘come to Nikki’ shaming. Sheryl was wrong, she apologized not one, but three times with consideration for how her comments affect others. Curly Nikki is not a journalist, she is a blogger and going in with the expectation of making someone do or say what you want is more offensive than Sheryl’s initial remarks. 

One of the things Sheryl stated rings all too true. When she stated, “I don’t feel like you’re letting me engage in a respectful conversation,” she was really calling out the commentary that continues and would follow. Do we really want to revisit the Jigga-boo and Wanna-be dance at Madame ReRe’s? Really?

Maybe Curly Nikki should get off the couch and get on a dose of her own medicine. 


Hi y’all,

Guess what? I made some changes and was excited to discover the result - I lost 20 lbs and 2 inches everywhere! This was after I stopped trying to lose weight. As I get fit, muscle takes the place of the unmentionables and is denser as I become stronger. It did not happen without work. There is no magic pill (if there were, I’d have it) but there is a proven strategy: Take care of yourself, rest well, get active and have fun.

With that being said CARONISM.COM is getting stronger and it’s time to get refitted. That little black dress needs adjustment as we take new shape. In the meantime, stay connected here for updates, news and inspiration. Photography and beauty are still in full swing for autumn (my favorite time of year), so be sure to reserve time for sessions here. My birthday is coming up. I will be 40 and celebrating 25 years in the best industry in the world. Oh, honey, it will be special. You know my works. LOL

Stay tuned, stay connected and most of all, stay in pursuit of fabulous!


Minding Your Business, Pt. 1

1. Pinterest is not a portfolio. If you need to build one, build it. Invest the time, money and in the people gifted and skilled enough to make it happen.

2. Own your own domain(s). Use an email address that matches your domain. This speaks to legitimacy, professionalism, credibility and branding. If you do not know where to begin, inbox me.

3. Use your own work and your own words. Trusting another with your voice is a mistake. 

4. Don’t look the part. Live it. Actions speak louder than words. Who you are and what you do is about more than reflecting personal style, it is about communicating purpose and intent.

5. The fastest, easiest way to build a brand is through exemplary service. Hard work and financial investment mean nothing without learning how to serve. Let it speak for you and give it room to evangelize what your business brings! Recommendations and referrals are much stronger and more effective than advertising.

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